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Learn QlikView concepts and techniques. Our QlikView tutorial videos and training demonstrations are created by our consultants to help you to become a better developer.

QlikView, NPrinting and Google Drive


QlikView Access Point allows users to interact with apps in their browser. But what if those users are not on your domain or only require static data? How can we get information to them in a way that is robust and cost effective?

QlikView Buttons – When, Why and How

You might think that there is not much to say about buttons in QlikView. If so you are probably not thinking much beyond a shiny lozenge of a thing that invites you to Clear Current Selections. I’m here to convince you otherwise.

QlikView Reports

If ever I am asked about the report writer in QlikView I repeat what I was told on my initial training course – QlikView is not a report writing tool.  That said – QlikView Reports can sometimes fill a need.

QlikView Design

As you probably already know as your reading this; QlikView has an incredibly rich palette of design options. Your data can be surfaced and presented in all manner of ways with pizzazz – making it leap off the page and demand to be noticed. However, not all attention is good – if your latest chart creation is noticed only for its dizzying array of colours then it is likely that the insight in the numbers will have been lost.

What Is QlikView?

Most of the posts on this blog explore the features, functionality and usage of QlikView in some level of detail.  However, in this post I would like to give more of an overview of the product for the un-initiated.

An Introduction to QlikView

Rather than a long description I have decided to put together a video by way of an introduction:

What If Analysis With Sliders

This video shows QlikView doing ‘What If’ analysis using sliders.  The user can set the parameters that they want to get the analysis back that they need.

Loading Data From A Web Page

This tutorial video shows how QlikView can pull data directly off a web page and then build visualisations on top of that data in just a few simple steps.

QlikView – Loading Data From Multiple Files

This video tutorial shows how QlikView can be used to source data from multiple source files and display it in a single dashboard.   The data sources can be whatever type of data you want, for this example though two separate Excel spreadsheets are used.

QlikView – The Basics – Films Demo

This video shows one of the demonstrations that tends to get shown to anyone that is seeing QlikView for the first time.  It was certainly my first exposure to the product.  The Films demo.  Here it is shown how QlikView can help you select your evening’s entertainment through the power of associative search.

QlikView Version 10 – Excel Wizard

Video showing the feature that was introduced at QlikView 10 where users are shown a wizard to pull in their first Excel file on opening QlikView.