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The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector

QVSource allows you to leverage online data in your QlikView and Qlik Sense applications. Integrate web and social media APIs with your application in minutes. Connect to Twitter, Facebook and many more.

QlikView + APIs = More Insight

Today, most businesses rely heavily on web apps and online services such as Google Docs and CRM. Along with the prominence of social media platforms as communications tools, this means large parts of your data are being stored online by service providers.

QVSource allows you to connect to these services, grab your data and pull it straight into QlikView and Qlik Sense.

A wide range of services are currently supported with more being developed all the time. With one simple to use tool you can connect to the services that run your business and take full control of all your data.

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Insights
  • YouTube
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Klout
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Mailbox Connector
  • Notification Connector
  • Mailchimp
  • SharePoint
QVSource Diagram

Seemless Integration

QVSource pulls data from your online services, using connectors, and presents it to QlikView in well-formed schemas.

Enriched Data

Enrich your data further by sending it to various sentiment APIs for scoring. Determine sentiment, predict trends and classify your social media data.

Save Time and Money

Connect to many sources with one tool, meaning implementation time is short and you avoid the development costs of coding multiple API connections.

The Quick Intelligence Advantage

With QVSource you can now bring data into your QlikView apps from even more sources. This opens up many more opportunities for cross referencing and gaining further insight. This can only happen though if the data is downloaded, transformed and presented in a way that allows those that are consuming the information to interact with it and make their own discoveries. This however could bring additional complexities into your development process.

Quick Intelligence have many years of experience at building innovative and intuitive QlikView apps over all kinds of data sources. We can turn the information pulled from API’s into actionable insight. QVSource can bring the information into your hands. Quick Intelligence can make it sing.

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