Introducing the QlikView Developers Cookbook

Many of you will know that I was one of the technical review team on QlikView 11 For Developers, the essential guide for those building QlikView applications.  The same team have again joined forces to create a new book – the QlikView For Developers Cookbook. […]

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9 Essential QlikView Development Tools

QlikView is, of course, my software of choice. However, I would not want to be going on client site to do a job without some other tools in my kit bag. Read on to find out the QlikView development tools I use.  Which of these do you use? What other tools should I consider? […]

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QlikView 11 For Developers

I was really pleased to see Barry Harmsen announcing on his blog last week the arrival of QlikView 11 for Developers.  Not least because it is a fantastic reference for anyone who develops apps in QlikView, but also as I was lucky enough to be involved in its production, providing technical review. […]

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Business Discovery London 2012

This Tuesday the QlikView Business Discovery World Tour pulled into London town.  With no new QlikView version immediately available and attendees who almost universally seemed to be existing QlikView devotees there was perhaps a feeling that the event lacked purpose.   But there was one big reveal. […]

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QlikView Jobs!

As with any software product there is a lot of internet traffic out there declaring there are QlikView jobs to be had. My phone is also increasingly being rung by recruitment consultants with their latest contracts.  This is an excellent sign that the QlikView space is growing – but it is a subtly different space to that of some other tools? Should it be treated differently? […]

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QlikView in the UK

Often being on a small island it is easy to feel overlooked by goings on in the USA (or indeed Sweden). However it has been proven again this week that this is not the case. QlikTech have this uploaded a promotional video to YouTube – a video case study of how QlikView has been used in the NHS. Whether you are ever likely to use the UK’s health service or not I reccomend watching it, it is a great success story. […]

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QlikTech Consulting Partnerships

It has been recently announced that QlikTech are now the Global Business Intelligence partner for Logica worldwide. This will naturally lead to Logica providing expert services consultancy on behalf of QlikTech. As QlikTech have never sought to grow their own professional services arm this seems to make perfect sense for them. But what will it mean for the community at large? […]

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