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Generating Test Data In Qlik Load Scripts

Sometimes you need to create test data to ensure that a Qlik function behaves the way you expect it should. Recently I had just that requirement to prove that the Correl function gave good results over semi-predictable data. This post shows how you can create data on the fly for these kind of purposes. […]

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Back To Basics – QlikView Licence Lease

Something I see frequent questions about is how to Lease a Licence from QlikView Server to the Desktop. This is one of those things that once you know how to do it is second nature – but is in no way obvious if you don’t. Time therefore for another Back To Basics post. […]

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How To Remove Orphaned QlikView Apps

Usually when you remove an app from a published folder it removes itself from the QMC. Sometimes however it remains, in upper case, at the end of the list of apps. This article advises why this happens and how to remove these rogue entries. […]

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Two Tips to Improve Your Qlik Life

These two little tips are not going to help you solve any major issues in your applications, or even directly improve the end application. They will however save you a chunk of time each time you use them. In fact, if you were not previously aware of them, your Qlik Life is about to change for the better. […]

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Move Items Within A QlikView Chart Object

This series of posts is designed to capture the things that I do all the time when building QlikView apps that may not be so obvious to others.  This quick tip certainly falls into this camp.  If you have ever wanted to move the legend or a label in a chart but have been unable to do so – read on. […]

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