This year’s Quick Intelligence Christmas eCard features a number of Qlik Sense charts which give a clue as to the title of a Christmas song. Can you name them? Better still, can you create your own?

A while back I blogged on some of the new features in Qlik Cloud. After reading this post by Evan Siff I thought I would use Qlik Cloud to create our company Christmas eCard for the year.

Qlik Cloud is free to sign up for and use, and it has a great feature whee you can share charts online.

Once you have worked out the song title that these four charts, why not create your own to share with the world?

A recent change to Qlik Cloud means that you can sign in to it using the same login as you use for Qlik Community, just go to and click Log In. Qlik have provided some getting started resources for Qlik Sense, all of which are relevant to Qlik Cloud also (just be aware you need to upload your data using the My Personal Data Files link before you can use it).

Once you have built your chart simply right click it (or long hold if you are using a tablet) and select the Share option. This will give you links you can copy and paste into a blog, web site – or in the Comments area below. Simple!

Here are my initial Christmas Songs charts, I look forward to seeing what others can come up with.