What Makes a QlikView Developer?

Most programming languages you can go out and learn, but it occurs to me that a QlikView developer is something you have to be.  By that I mean that you have to have skills in a large number of areas – and a failing in one can negate brilliance in another.  On a number of occasions I have been asked to assist with the recruiting of a QlikView developer and would like to share my thoughts here. […]

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It’s All About Community

Today saw the unveiling of the new QlikCommunity and my first impressions of it are very positive.  There are a lot more ways to interact with other users and the whole experience seems far more fluid than its predecessor.  There are handy history links to show where you have been looking or posting.  When looking at content you are prompted with links to other content that may be of interest to you.  Apart from a glitch with uploading an image using IE9 (which I have experienced on other sites too) everything has seemed very solid. […]

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Simplifying Analysis For Everyone?

It was a long time strap line for QlikView, and an enticing proposition, but does it actually stand true? The answer, as often is the case, is it depends. There is a long running thread on QlikCommunities with the subject “I Thought QlikView Was Supposed To Be Easy To Learn”. As you may guess the thread was started by someone who felt mislead by the marketing line and was struggling to use the tool. Many comments have been added, some echoing the sentiment and many others offering help and links to the many excellent resources out there. It makes for an interesting read. […]

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Business Intelligence or Data Discovery?

QlikTech has recently shifted their marketing message very slightly to position QlikView as a Data Discovery tool, moving away from the Business Intelligence tag. This comes at a surprising time – as QlikTech have recently arrived in the top quartile of Gartners’ Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence. So, why the shift? […]

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Top QlikView Blogs

There are many people blogging about QlikView from many points of view, from marketing messages from QlikTech to in depth technical articles.  With the Quick Intelligence blog being added to the QlikView Blog Roll recently I felt it was time to provide a run down of the other great blogs that are out there.  So, without further ado and in no particular order here are some of the best.  If yours has been omitted please accept my apologies and feel free to post a comment and a link below. […]

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One Hundred and One Uses for QlikView?

The gauntlet was thrown down in a LinkedIn discussion to find 101 Uses for QlikView.  It quickly became the most active discussion on the group by a substantial margin.  The target was reached and exceeded in no time.  This is an excellent indicator of both the breadth of QlikView’s applications and the enthusiasm of it users to sing its praises. […]

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