Instant Qlik Sense App Screenshot

The Quick Intelligence Instant Sense App is a template with KPI, Analysis, and Reporting sheets. The app is configurable by selecting dimensions and measures to analyse. The available dimensions and measures are driven from a spreadsheet of metadata. Any data set can be loaded into the application and analysed.

Thank you for your interest in our Instant Sense App. We hope that you find it very useful, that it accelerates your development and greatly improves your ROI in Qlik software. As a company, this is our primary aim, whether it be through our blog, sharing on Qlik Community, or working directly with clients.

If you believe that the app will be useful for someone else, please direct them to this page rather than passing the application to them directly. This ensures that they will have the latest version and receive notifications of updates.

We are happy to provide this application free of charge, but it is provided without any warranty or support. You can use it in any environment and amend it. However, please do not distribute it outside your organisation and do give proper credit to Quick Intelligence when you use it or any app that uses chunks of our app largely unchanged.

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If you would like to find out more about how this app is constructed, please see this blog post:

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