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The Quick Intelligence Instant Sense Application is a template with KPI, Analysis, and Reporting sheets. The app is configurable by selecting dimensions and measures to analyse. The available dimensions and measures are driven from a spreadsheet of metadata. Any data set can be loaded into the application and analysed.

Thank you for your interest in our Instant Sense App. We hope that you find it very useful, that it accelerates your development and greatly improves your ROI in Qlik software. As a company, this is our primary aim, whether it be through our blog, sharing on Qlik Community, or working directly with clients.

We would appreciate it if you could fill in the form, so we can keep you up to date with when new features are released for the application, but if you would rather just download the zip file you can do so from here. We will notify of new versions on our socials.

We are happy to provide this application free of charge, but it is provided without any warranty or support. You can use it in any environment and amend it. Please share with others, but do give proper credit to Quick Intelligence when you do, or when you uses chunks of this application largely unchanged.

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Try For Yourself With Our Live Demos

These examples are all included in the download, so you can set up quickly on your own server and view these data. If you would prefer just to try things out for yourself first our live demos have you covered.

AskQV – All The Best Qlik Blogs In One Place is a blog aggregator and index of the very best Qlik blog content. You can access the latest blogs at any time from This blog shows data from the AskQV RSS feed.

Access the demo here: AskQV Qlik Blog Data.

Screenshots of a application showing tennis grand slam final data.

UK GP Prescribing Data Demo

The following demo was presented at the BHBIA Analytics Connect Group meeting in October 2022. It shows two years of prescribing data for the diabetes market (the data is not necessarily complete or accurate). Colours alternate between showing either geography or product each day

Access the demo here: Diabetes Prescribing Demo.

Screenshots of a application showing tennis grand slam final data.

UK MOT Data – Example of Measure Colour

This demo shows the results from 40M vehicle MOT tests in the UK in 2021. It shows the colour functionality of the Instant Sense Application with all dimensions coloured by the Pass Rate measure. We use these data for our popular Sense Training Course.

Access the demo here: MOT Data UK 2021.

Screenshots of a application showing tennis grand slam final data.

Grand Slam Tennis Final Results

This demo loads data from two Wikipedia pages (here and here) and shows the data in the Instant Sense Application. Note that on each sheet you can pick a combination of Measures and Dimensions – some combinations make more sense than others.

Access the demo here: Grand Slam Tennis Final Results.

Screenshots of a application showing tennis grand slam final data.

Magic: The Gathering API Data

An example based on data from the MTG API showing how you can pull a JSON dataset using a REST connection from Sense and then analyse the results in the Instant Sense Application. Find which cards you need to power your deck!

Access the demo here: Magic: The Gathering – Card Data.

Magic: The Gathering Cards

Template Load Scripts and Metadata Included

Whilst the beauty of this application template is that you can bring your own data and have a working application in a matter of minutes, we also provide a number of application scripts and metadata files that are generally useful to the Qlik community (and some that are slightly less so). Simply copy and paste the script into the application template, upload the metadata and point the load script at the file and hit reload. The included applications are as follows.

Sense SaaS Usage

Connect to the Qlik Sense SaaS API and view usage information from Qlik Sense Cloud. This includes the licence type used for the session and the licence type currently held by each user. Using this information you can make an informed decision about who should hold which licence types – particularly useful if you have Capacity licences on your server.

Sense Sessions

Script for analysing Sense Enterprise (client managed) Session Logs, view which users are accessing which applications and how engaged they are with those applications. More details in the blog post Analysing Sense Session Logs.

Sense SaaS Sessions

Connect to the Qlik Sense SaaS API and view Session Logs from Qlik Sense Cloud.

Sense Application Audit

Get a list of all applications in your Sense Enterprise (client managed) environment and see which have not been updated or used for some time. This app also gives the ability to script the export of your applications for backup. See the post Back Up Qlik Sense Enterprise Client Managed Applications for more details.

QVD File Audit

Loop through all QVDs in specified libraries and read their metadata. This application shows number of rows, file sizes, details of all fields and unique value counts. Useful for managing the data layer of your environment.


Connect to the Twitter API using a REST connection and pull details of Tweets, hashtags and mentions. Search for specific terms or download all tweets from selected accounts.


Demonstrates how an RSS feed can be loaded into Qlik Sense for analysis. Shows all the posts from many popular Qlik blogs, find posts on just about any Qlik topic.

Tennis Grand Slam Finals

Sense Client Managed and Desktop can load data from HTML tables on websites. In this case Wikipedia pages giving details of all Grand Slam Tennis Single Finals. See how many finals each player has reached and what their percentage win rate is in those finals.

WordPress RSS Feed

WordPress has its own RSS feed format. This example shows how you can load data from a WordPress RSS feed and analyse it. Details of how to read from these kind of feed is given in the post Reading RSS Feeds with Qlik REST Connector

Kids In Data

This is an excellent online platform for teaching data literacy, and one of the ways it does this is by allowing children to play a space invaders game and then analyse the results from that game. This script allows you to pull from the KiD API. Visit the KiD site here:


GitHub is a massive source of data files on all topics. This example shows how you can tap into and interpret these data, in this case looking at Co2 emission data from the Data On The Planet website. The data can be found here:

UK MOT Testing Data

Our in-house created Qlik Sense Training Courses use FOI data from the UK DVLA, looking at vehicle testing. This example allows course students to take exploration of those data further.

Magic: The Gathering

A further API example, showing how stats from a collectible card game can be analysed. See how the game has evolved over the years.

If you would like to find out more about how this app is constructed, please see this blog post:

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