Today saw the unveiling of the new QlikCommunity and my first impressions of it are very positive.  There are a lot more ways to interact with other users and the whole experience seems far more fluid than its predecessor.  There are handy history links to show where you have been looking or posting.  When looking at content you are prompted with links to other content that may be of interest to you.  Apart from a glitch with uploading an image using IE9 (which I have experienced on other sites too) everything has seemed very solid.


As someone who has enjoyed contributing to QlikCommunity over the past couple of years I am looking forward to it going forward even more now.  Finally QlikView has a product forum on-line that really does it justice, and it is great to see that all the historical content has come across to the new site.  A real wealth of experience and insight in one place.

My niggles with the new site are only small ones.  It is a shame that friends that were added on the old site have not been ported across to the new – these shouldn’t take long to be set up again though.  It also would have been nice if old links to threads could have been set to redirect to the same thread in the new site – I’ve a few links places that I need to go and update now.

The site also has quite a lot of social media focus to it.  One could ask if the world needs another Facebook / LinkedIn style site, but in this day and age QlikCommunity would probably feel incomplete without these features.

QlikCommunity Profile

Niggles aside this is a good day for QlikView and for QlikView users worldwide.  Many thanks to all those who have helped make it happen.