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Qlik Sense and QlikView Optimised QVD Loads

In previous articles I have mentioned how critical it is to ensure your loads from QVD are optimised, but have not gone into the detail of how to do this. This post rectifies that.  Here I explain what an optimised load is, why you should use them and how to perform them. […]

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Qlik Sense or QlikView Incremental Load

Analysis in QlikView is lightening quick, millions of rows can be aggregated and manipulated with very little latency.  Getting those millions of records off a server elsewhere on your network – now that can be a different matter.  This is where a robust QVD strategy and QlikView Incremental Loads become crucial. […]

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Perfect Your QlikView Data Model

Recently I blogged on the pitfalls of not investing sufficient effort at the start of a QlikView project to avoid problems later on (see the post Start Your QlikView Project The Right Way).  In this article I advised that the single most significant factor in whether a QlikView project is a success is a well designed data model.  Here I would like to share some of my suggestions for getting the data model right, as this could save you a lot of pain if you are just about to build a QlikView Document or indeed a whole environment. […]

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Start Your QlikView Project The Right Way

As a freelance QlikView consultant I can be drafted in at any stage of a QlikView implementation.  My favourite sites tend to be the ones where I come in and do the initial demo to the client (not least because I love seeing the moment when jaws drop in the demo) and then build the solution from the ground up.  Often though I am called in where a lot of effort has been expended already but things have got to a sticking point and someone decides expert help is required. […]

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QlikView ApplyMap – Is It So Wrong?

Is it so wrong to have a favourite statement in a programming language? Probably. However, I am not embarrassed to admit that in QlikView mine is ApplyMap. On face value it is a humble little function, which I tend to explain to the un-initiated as being “a bit like a VLookup in Excel”. This however is to do it a great disservice. So, why do I hold ApplyMap in such great affection? […]

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