Last year the first QlikView Masters event took place in Las Vegas. Now it is coming to Europe. Are you ready to learn some essential new skills?


What Are The Details?

The events are taking place in London on the 9-11 October and in Barcelona on the 14-16 October. I’m very pleased to have been asked to get involved in the London event, taking part in a panel discussion.

The event is being put together by some QlikView legends: Bill Lay, Rob Wunderlich, Barry Harmsen and Oleg Troyansky. Between them they bring years of knowledge and experience and different perspectives. Hailing from the USA and the Netherlands these guys are recognised as true QlikView experts.

Stephen Redmond and myself will be there in London – bringing a local perspective to the event.

Who Should Attend?

This event is aimed at developers who have been through the QlikTech training track and have some experience and now want to take those skills to the next level. You don’t have to be a QlikView Master to attend – but this event will take you some steps closer to being one.

If you currently build QlikView applications, but feel that you want to add a bit more complexity or style to those applications then this event is for you.

What Will I Learn?

You can craft your own training course by picking from the various sessions that are on offer. There are sessions available on:

  • Data Modeling
  • Advanced Scripting Techniques
  • Set Analysis & Advanced Aggregation
  • Designing Effective Visualizations
  • Server Administration
  • Performance Tuning
  • Best Practices

Full details on each of the tracks is given on the Matters Summit website. There are also question and answer sessions, where you can request specific guidance from the panel of QlikView experts. Whatever area you wish to improve in your QlikView skill set the opportunity will be there to expand it.

See You There?

When I am not involved in specific sessions I will be around and happy to speak with you. Whether you have specific questions relating to previous blog posts or if you just want some general advice or guidance then just try and grab me for a chat. Feel free to mail me in advance if you wish to make more specific plans.

Hope to see you there – I always relish the opportunity to talk with readers of this blog and QlikView enthusiasts in general.

If you would like further info please send me your details below:

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