Design, Schedule and Share Qlik Sense and QlikView Reports

Qlik NPrinting allows you to maximize the value that you have in your Qlik reports by scheduling production,
storing in various formats and distributing when required – saving time and reducing licence costs.

Get insight to those that need it, when they need it.



Output reports to Word, Excel, Powerpoint,
PDF or HTML and utilise the full feature
set of each destination format.


Filters can be applied on a per recipient
basis, so that each individual sees only
the information that they need to see.


You decide when reports should be generated and build dependencies to refresh Qlik data and output when required.


Conditional tasks allow output to
be created and sent only when
specified situations arise –
allowing recipients to be alerted
to the exceptions.


Your reports can be sent directly
to recipients via email, placed
in secure folders or (if desired)
published to the Internet.

Cost Saving

By sending timely, formatted and filtered output users can consume information without the need for additional Qlik licences.

Your Data As You Want It

Qlik NPrinting sits alongside your existing
Qlik Sense or QlikView implementation.Using
the intuitive user interface you can build
templates in Excel, Word, Powerpoint or
HTML.Into these templates you can place
charts,tables and text from a Qlik document.

The scheduling interface then allows you to
launch tasks to refresh your data and
populate your templates with fresh
information.Filters allow you to
take different cuts of your data
to build output for many different

Your reports are then distributed. They can
arrive in a users in-box, bring up to date
insight to a web site or alert staff to situation
via a wall board.

Qlik NPrinting Process Flow

Qlik NPrinting Usage Scenario

Picture the scene – a company has been using QlikView and
decides that it wants to leverage the data they have loaded
from the GL to send out monthly statements. Unfortunately,
they have not heard about Qlik NPrinting.

The only option available to them is to use QlikView Reports.
Using this they can build the statement they want, but find
that the report editor can be problematic to use. Occasionally,
they want to use the statement to convey information about
events such as Christmas closing, but only the QlikView
admins can affect this change. Also, they want to show an
extra page of data for just some clients – unfortunately
QlikView can not suppress the page for the other clients.
They end up pulling sheets from their printed output to
shred each month.

There must be a better way than this!

Enter Qlik NPrinting. Now the statement templates are created
in Word, so messages that need to go out ad-hoc can be added
by the Ops team just using Word itself. The static data
(company address and logo) is also easier to get right.
Conditional includes in the template mean that pages can
be suppressed for some customers – no more wasted pages.
With the production of reports scheduled they can be created
without a user being there to start the process.

Now Qlik NPrinting is taking care of the statement run they can
start contacting clients to ask if any would be happy to receive
statements via email. As clients swap to online statements,
tasks can be amended to automatically mail these without

Monthly statements – sorted.

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