You may have noticed small MVP icons next to some contributors on Qlik Community? A couple of months ago, sixteen of the top contributors were given MVP status. This is to recognise points gained on the forums and also their valuable contributions.

MVP Logo

The list of names of the MVPs was published on the Qlik Community back in May. Today the programme is being brought to the attention of a wider audience through a post on the Qlik Blog. You can read the blog post here:

I am incredibly proud to have been one of the individuals included on this list, especially given some of the others who I have been included alongside.

Designing and delivering Qlik solutions is what I do for a living. Sharing knowledge and insights on the Community forums is something I do for fun. It’s great to see the effort that goes into responding to posts on the forum being recognised by Qlik. For this I am very grateful to Sara Leslie and her team for starting up this programme.

I recommend you take a look at the individuals on the list and seek out some of the posts and documents that they have shared on the Community. There are sure to be some great bits of Qlik knowledge to be found.

Steve Dark MVP