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This collection of posts is a subset of our Qlik Analytics Platform blog, which includes articles on QlikView, Qlik Sense and the broader analytics landscape.

Cloud File Services and Qlik Sense Business

Sense Business is Qlik’s flagship Cloud offering, and it is now possible to build and securely share full featured apps in the Cloud. Not having to provision a server and manage authentication can save a lot of time for a small business wanting to use Sense. If you are loading flat files though (such as CSVs or Excel files) it is not so obvious how to bring them in. This post explains all. […]

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Triggering events with Qlik, IFTTT and Webhooks

Something I often say is that a Qlik dashboard is only worthwhile if it causes someone to take an action. But what if that action could be taken automatically? IFTTT (If This Then That) is a platform that allows different services to talk to each other and trigger events. In this post I look at how a Qlik load script can start an action. Specifically, it defines how you can play We Are The Champions on the office stereo when a new customer is won. Obviously. […]

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Signing Up For a Free Trial of Qlik Sense Business

Qlik Sense Business is the new Cloud offering from Qlik. It is a fully featured BI platform, with a low cost of entry. Here is an extract from our Sense Training Course which describes signing up for a trial of Qlik Sense Business. After following these simple steps you will be ready to drag some data into your browser and get analysing. […]

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Disable Sense Chart Suggestions and Insights

During the recent Qlik Luminary Meetup we were shown some really neat new features coming to the Qlik platform. Most of which I can not tell you about. However, I can tell you about two toggles already available in the product, These allow you to disable Sense Chart Suggestions and Insights for certain apps. […]

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Prior Period Comparison Using Qlik Set Analysis

One of the most powerful features of the Qlik expression language is Set Analysis. This syntax allows you to build visualisations to compare sets, most notably delivering prior period comparisons. This blog post pulls together some previous posts and examples which use Set Analysis. […]

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Using Qlik Sense as a Web Server

A while back, I blogged on Sending HTML Content via Email from Sense. What if that same HTML could be written to a web server to be picked up? What if you already had that web server available, in the shape of your Sense Enterprise Server? Read on to find out how to create data driven wall-boards and get information to users who don’t require Sense licences. […]

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Netgear Router Logs in Qlik Sense

When my previous router went pop I replaced it with a Netgear R7000P. When I wanted to check it was totally secured I found that the logs were less than helpful. Naturally I turned to Qlik Sense for help. The app I created is available to download and this post describes how to set this up for your own Netgear router. This entire interactive view of your logs can be built using only free components. […]

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Send Data from the Qlik Load Script

Qlik Sense allows for interactive analysis of data, but sometimes you just want to send data to users via email. This tutorial describes how you can email a table of data during the load process using Qlik Web Connectors and HTML. It also looks at some of the other things you can do with the free SMTP Connector. […]

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Alternate States in Qlik Sense

Alternate States has been a feature in QlikView for many years. It has now appeared in Qlik Sense Cloud, which means it is likely to appear in other versions very soon. This post, and the associated example app, looks at what Alternate States are and how to use them in Sense. […]

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