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Qlik Sense Chart Types

Here is the second extract from our Sense Training Course material. These are chapters picked from the training manual as they stand alone and we think they are generally useful. A twelve page sample PDF of the material is available here. I will be delivering this course in Bracknell next month. There are still a couple of places left, so if you want to book a place please be quick. […]

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Qlik Sense Versions

We are developing a training manual for Qlik Sense for use in our upcoming Sense Training Courses. As much of the content is useful, even out of context, we will be publishing some of it on our blog. This section is from early on in the material and covers the different versions of Sense that are available. This extract on Sense Versions is the first of these extracts. A twelve page sample PDF of the material is available here. […]

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How To Create Tables in Qlik Sense Quickly

One of the gripes I hear most frequently from QlikView users who are moving across to Sense is around creating a table, and how it is much quicker in QlikView. In this blog I share a quick tip for making the creation of tables much easier in Sense. […]

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Qlik QVD XML Header Viewer

QVDs form a crucial part of many Qlik implementations, and are an ideal way of persisting data in both Sense and QlikView. What you may not be aware of though is there is an XML header to these files containing useful information. This post explores this header, and has free downloads to load them into Sense and QlikView. […]

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How to Build a Cycle Group in Qlik Sense

One of the neat features in Qlik View that has not found it’s way into Qlik Sense is the Cycle Group. Alternative Dimensions are nice, but only affect one visualisation at a time. Here is how you can create a cross-visualisation cycle. […]

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How To Create Variable Toggle Buttons in Qlik Sense

One of the techniques that I often use in QlikView is having dynamic dimensions and expressions working off of toggle buttons. This gives more flexibility than cycle expressions and cycle groups alone – particularly when you want to affect a number of charts at the same time. In QlikView this is straight forward, but in Qlik Sense it is less obvious, but this quick recipe shows how to do it. […]

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