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Powerful Features

Business Intelligence For All built on the same enterprise-
standard engine as QlikView, Qlik Sense takes that power and
makes it accessible.

This is because, whether you are consuming information or
building ETL, the browser is where Sense lives. It also boast
an intuitive drag and drop interface for building visualisations
and laying out your sheets.

Built from the ground up with mobility in mind,the usage
experience is the same on any device with a modern browser:
the whole application flexes to best fit the device you are using.

Mobile Ready

Access your reports on any device from your laptop to your phone. Qlik Sense automatically adapts to the device allowing you to access your analytics anywhere, anytime.

Stunning Visualisations

Charts not only look fantastic, they are
intuitive and have intelligent features to
help convey more information. Qlik Sense
makes it easy to explore your data.

Cost Effective Licencing

Pay only for what you need; Professional licences for creators, Analyser licences for consumers and Capacity Time for occasional users.

Always Improving

Frequent updates mean the product keeps getting better. If you are using Qlik’s Cloud hosted offering these updates will appear automatically for you.

Available In The Cloud

By using Qlik’s Cloud hosted solution you can save the cost and effort involved in maintaining and upgrading your own server environment.

Try It For Free

Contact us to be set up with a time-limited trial licence, where you can put Sense through its paces, with your own data, before committing to licences.

Qlik Software UK
Qlik Software UK