The next generation of BI application has arrived.

Qlik Sense takes all the power of QlikView and makes it accessible
to everyone in your organisation through the browser.



Powerful Features

Business Intelligence For All built on the same enterprise-
standard engine as QlikView, Qlik Sense takes that power and
makes it accessible.

This is because, whether you are consuming information or
building ETL, the browser is where Sense lives. It also boast
an intuitive drag and drop interface for building visualisations
and laying out your sheets.

Built from the ground up with mobility in mind,the usage
experience is the same on any device with a modern browser:
the whole application flexes to best fit the device you are using.

Mobile Ready

Access your reports on any device from
your laptop to your phone. Qlik Sense
automatically adapts to the device
allowing you to access your analytics
anywhere, anytime..

Stunning Visualisations

Charts not only look fantastic, they are
intuitive and have intelligent features to
help convey more information. Qlik Sense
makes it easy to explore your data.

Cost Effective Upgrades

Upgrading from QlikView to Sense is
simple. There is no cost for the Sense
Server software itself and QlikView
CALs can be swapped out for Sense tokens.

Always Improving

Qlik Branch is an on-line collaboration
site for development of Sense extensions.
Visualisations not available in the core
product are produced and distributed by
a community of developers.

Cloud Sharing

Along with Sense, Qlik has also released Qlik Cloud. This service allows users to upload their apps to a secure online server,  for access anywhere on the Internet.

Zero Cost Of Entry

The main advantage of Sense Desktop is that it is completely free to use. Apps can be created, shared with others and uploaded onto a Qlik Sense Server for further deployment.

Which Product Is Right For Me?

Qlik Sense is designed to compliment QlikView. Sense allows users to explore their own data, whilst QlikView can be used to build “guided analytics”, meaning a designer will have defined a layout that provides pre-defined views of the data.

For developers there are some more powerful features in QlikView, but many of these have equivalents in Sense. If you have a business intelligence team providing analytics to the rest of your business, QlikView may be the best option. If you want to push more of the responsibility for creating visualisations on to the users who will be consuming the data then there is a lot of merit in using Sense.

With skills transferable between both platforms this doesn’t have to be a one-time decision and a blend of the two products is perfectly acceptable, as mentioned above.

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