It has been recently announced that QlikTech are now the Global Business Intelligence partner for Logica worldwide. This will naturally lead to Logica providing expert services consultancy on behalf of QlikTech. As QlikTech have never sought to grow their own professional services arm this seems to make perfect sense for them. But what will it mean for the community at large?

QlikTech Consulting Partnerships

For the QlikView user base this must also be a good thing. There will be an army of experts out there who even if you don’t contract them directly will be feeding in to resources such as QlikCommunities. The group that may feel the pressure is the QlikTech partners. These are the people that will compete in the same space and similar price point as Logica. I feel that now more than ever the extra streams of expertise that the partners have (such as ERP or CRM) will come to the fore. Also, let’s not forget some partners have been in the QlikView space for many years – you can’t just learn that experience in a classroom.

So, what about independent consultants like myself? Well, I absolutely welcome the news. Whilst there will be extra competition there will also be far greater awareness. We may even see the end of the numerous misspellings (ClickView, QuickView, QlickView, QulikView are just a few I’ve seen). The product could become as much of an industry standard as tools like Crystal – this will mean that meetings pitching QlikView with prospects will be much less about ‘look at this flashy chart’ and much more about their data and requirements – a much better place to be. As well as bringing experience the other thing that Quick Intelligence look to foster in any engagement is an on-going relationship that is mutually beneficial from the outset. I am sure this is true of our contemporaries also – but may not be the case with a large consulting firm.

All in all I think this is a positive announcement and I look forward to seeing how it works out in practice.

Read the QlikTech press release