By way of promoting the Business Discovery London 2013 event in October (the 22nd to be precise); QlikTech have put this video up on YouTube showing some highlights from last years event.

If you have been able to attend the event over the past couple of years you will know what a good investment of your time it is to get there.  If you have not then I urge you to try and attend.  From past experience I would say you can expect QlikTech to be revealing a bit more of their product roadmap (this could be particularly interesting with .Next well into development), quality keynote speeches and real QlikView customers explaining how QlikView has made a difference in their business.

If I had to fault the previous events it would be that there has been no clear segregation of content for prospective users, current users and service providers like myself.  From where I sat I felt there was quite a bit of preaching to the converted, but on the flip side I am sure there were people there who were simply interested in seeing what QlikView could offer them who were lost in some of the technical detail that was being given out.   I don’t know if that is something that will be addressed this year, I certainly hope so though.

Quick Intelligence will be well represented there, so if you spot one of us around please do feel free to say hello.  Booking information can be found on the QlikTech website here:

For now though, sit back and enjoy the short video from last year’s event: