Often being on a small island it is easy to feel overlooked by goings on in the USA (or indeed Sweden). However it has been proven again this week that this is not the case.

QlikTech have this uploaded a promotional video to YouTube – a video case study of how QlikView has been used in the NHS. Whether you are ever likely to use the UK’s health service or not I reccomend watching it, it is a great success story.

QlikView in the UK

This follows a couple of years after the UK was the subject of one of the most interesting and talked about QlikView demos – in the shape of the MP Expenses Analysis demo. At the time the scandal was unfolding the data was being rolled out via QlikView on the web.

In the intervening time there has been a huge surge in interest in and use of QlikView in the UK. QlikTech itself has also expanded exponentially here in that time – with many new staff and even a new office near Reading in Berkshire.

Far from being stuck on an island here in the UK we are riding the QlikView wave.

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