Something I see frequent questions about is how to Lease a Licence from QlikView Server to the Desktop. This is one of those things that once you know how to do it is second nature – but is in no way obvious if you don’t. Time therefore for another Back To Basics post.


For those that don’t know, if you have a QlikView Server implementation you can use Full User CALs on the server to licence a copy of QlikView Desktop in order to build applications. This means that a user can get twice the use of their User CAL. If you have a Full User CAL on the Server and also have a Desktop Licence for the same user you are essentially paying twice, and should review your licencing. Desktop Licences are still required if you don’t have a server, or are using QlikView NPrinting server (as the lease doesn’t always complete in time upon report creation).

Licences are leased from the QlikView Server when a document is opened in QlikView Desktop from that Server, a Full User CAL is used and Allow Licence Lease is enabled.

This post, lifted from our support portal, describes the process.

How To Lease a Licence From QlikView Server to a copy of QlikView Desktop

When you first download and install QlikView Desktop it will open up in Personal Edition. This is a full install of QlikView Desktop, but it is limited by its licence. In order to have full functionality on the desktop you must either apply a Desktop licence or lease a licence from a server.

If you have a Full CAL on a QlikView Server (via Access Point, for instance) then you most likely want to lease a licence.

A leased licence is managed by the server and can be used on the desktop for up to thirty days without being connected to the server. The lease is automatically renewed each time the Desktop client is opened up when on the same network as the server.

In order to lease a licence;

  • Open QlikView from Start menu or TaskBar
  • Select Open In Server from the start page
    • This is in the bottom right in QV 11.2 SR6+
    • It appears on the left hand side before SR6
    • If the start page is not appearing select Show Start Page from the Help menu
  • Enter address of your Access Point without the https:// in the Address box
  • Click Open >>
  • Browse apps on the server and open one you have access to
  • You can now close this document

Whilst you are in Personal Edition this shows in the caption bar at the top of your QlikView Desktop app. This text is removed when a licence is successfully leased.

In order to lease a licence you must have a Full CAL on the Server and access to at least one app hosted on the server, and Allow Licence Lease must be ticked (in QMC under System \ Licences \ CALs \ General).

What if this doesn’t work

If you have followed the steps above and you are still having problems then try these troubleshooting tips from Qlik support:

If you have any further tips, please add them in the comments at the foot of this post.

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