Recently I was approached by Annapurna IT to ask if I would record a video for their Technology Transformation Network blog series. Being someone who never misses an opportunity to enthuse about QlikView I took them up on this offer.

The Technology Transformation Network is a group that was set up for IT professionals to share their ideas on topics that affect the industries that they work in.  This is carried out through regular TTN events and via the video blog that you can view here: .  The group aims to raise awareness of current trends and also promotes best practices among its members.

I was asked to talk about QlikView and give my thoughts on what makes it unique, why so many companies are latching on to it but also why some larger organisations are reticent to trust their management information to the tool.  Here is the result:

Many thanks to Annapurna IT for giving me the opportunity to create this video with them.