There have been a flurry of QlikView releases lately, with QV10 going to SR3 and QV11 appearing as a Public Beta.  It is great to see that the product is actively being developed and is growing – but is it what the installed user-base want and need?

Naturally where there are fixes required to existing software (as there are with any software) it is good to have those fixes made available in a timely fashion.  In my opinion the intervals of the service releases seem very sensible – with a new one appearing for each major release every couple of months.  Upgrading to these is of course optional, and I typically recommend only upgrading if the client is actually suffering from an issue that is on the list of bugs fixed at any given service release.

It is the major releases that I feel are perhaps a bit too close together.  At the moment I am still upgrading users from version 8.5 to version 10.0 (one upgrade I did relatively recently was from 8.5 to 9 as they had been in test for a few months).  It seems a bit harsh to me that when these users who have just upgraded go to QlikCommunity they are presented with a banner saying they can download the beta of version 11.

QlikView 11 Beta Available

Whilst some of the new features of QlikView 11 sound really useful (such as collaborative analysis via QlikView Server and the ability to cluster non identical hardware) I am not sure that users see lots of major releases as a good thing.

There is certainly a need to keep QlikView ahead of the competition – particularly with visualisations and chart options – but ultimately what users need from a business critical product is stability and reliability over gloss.

I understand that the proposed release date for version 11 is November 11th (11.11.11, naturally) but is it a good idea to let this kind of marketing spin drive a products release cycle?

Maybe it is just me thinking this – I would be very interested in hearing others opinions.