Many of you will know that Packt Publishing have a number of excellent QlikView books to their name.  Barry Harmsen and Miguel Garcia’s excellent QlikView 11 For Developers being one of their best selling titles.  Since the publication of that book they have released four other QlikView books, most recently QlikView Scripting by Matt Floyd.

QlikView Scripting

I always maintain that more than half of the time that you spend on any QlikView document should be spent getting your data model perfected and then place that the majority of this work is done is in your QlikView load script.  Having a book that focuses purely on QlikView scripting is therefore in my opinion a great thing to have.

In the book Matt looks at both basic and advanced scripting techniques, including how to go about creating and managing your scripts, using the development interface QlikView provides.   QVD’s, databases, crosstables, data modelling and script syntax are all covered.

Like the books QlikView 11 For Developers and the QlikView Cookbook before, I was fortunate to be on the technical review team for this book.  Watch this space for more news about Packt QlikView titles in the new year also.

If you want to buy this book (and I certainly recommend you do) then you should get along to the publishers website:

If you prefer electronic documents to physical books then there is even more great news.  Packt are currently running a promotion where you can buy any of their eBooks for only $5!   This means you could get all of their current QlikView suite of books on your e-reader or PC for only $25.  If you wish to take advantage of this offer then please use this link: .

Also of note here is the training materials to accompany Barry and Miguel’s book, you can find out more about these over at the QlikFix – I’m planning to post a review of the materials in the New Year.