QlikView Business Intelligence

QlikView is the business discovery application that works the way your mind works, allowing users to navigate complex data in a way that is as natural as browsing the web. Are you ready to unlock the power of your data?

Whilst QlikView has now largely been superseded by its younger sibling, Sense, here at Quick Intelligence we are happy to help you with your QlikView estate, whether you are looking to move to Sense or want to maintain what you already have ensuring it keeps working for years to come.

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The QlikView Access Point delivers interactive analysis direct
to the browser with impressive visualisations that can be
manipulated and explored by users with little or no prior

Implementing a QlikView solution that packs all of this usability
into an aesthetically-pleasing package requires the touch of
experts. That’s where Quick Intelligence come in.

Guided Analytics

Beautiful, controlled analytic
experiences guide employees toward
discovering insights and making
meaningful decisions.


Integrate QlikView into your business
applications with extensive APIs.

Data Integration

Unify data sources for a complete view
of information, centrally managed data
and apps make it easier to discover


Develop custom apps and build the
exact tools you need for your
organisation and teams.

Advanced Reporting

Create and distribute consistent reports
and templates, plus embed them in
Microsoft Office documents with Qlik

Global Search

Use natural search to navigate complex
information to accelerate discovery.

qlik logo
qlik logo