Qlik Sense Business is the new Cloud offering from Qlik. It is a fully featured BI platform, with a low cost of entry. Here is an extract from our Sense Training Course which describes signing up for a trial of Qlik Sense Business. After following these simple steps you will be ready to drag some data into your browser and get analysing.

Unlike Qlik Cloud Basic, and to a lesser extent Qlik Sense Cloud For Business (which QSB supersedes), this platform is able to support everything many small to medium businesses will require. There is connectivity to a large number of different data sources and unlike it’s predecessors Qlik Sense Business allows you to write data back to data libraries. This makes possible techniques like incremental load and sending data from the load script. The standard Qlik Sense Business offering already gives the ability to have more storage, users and reloads than QSC4B, and that looks set to expand with Qlik Sense Enterprise in the Cloud. Now you can do all the analysis you need, without hardware outlay or maintenance. I am sure I will be blogging more on Qlik’s Cloud offering as it expands and evolves over the coming months and years.

For now though, here is an excerpt from our training material which guides delegates through setting up their own Qlik Sense Business tenant.

2.1 Signing Up for a Qlik Sense Business Trial

If you do not have Sense Desktop installed, or access to your own company’s Sense Enterprise Server or Sense Business tenant, you will want to sign up for a trial of Qlik Sense Business. Everything in this training course can be completed in the trial version Qlik Sense Business, which gives you 30 days free. After this time, you can purchase a subscription online with a credit card.

In your browser, go to the sign-up page for Qlik Sense Business:

You should be presented with the welcome screen which looks like this:

Try Qlik Sense Business

If you already have an account at Qlik.com you should login to that here, using the link provided. Your new Qlik Sense Business trial will be associated to your existing account (although a separate login is required the password will be the same). After signing in you will be brought back to this screen. If you don’t have a login just skip that step, you will create a login as part of this process.


Fill in all the details in the form. You will need to give valid information for each field, particularly the email address. Giving these details will mean you are contacted by Qlik marketing to see if you wish to sign up, you can unsubscribe from emails and explain (politely) that you already have access to another Sense instance. On clicking the Register Now button you should see this confirmation message.

Thank You For Your Interest

You will then need to go to your email to find the email that has been triggered by submitting this form. On here is a jolly picture and a button to click to continue with the setup.

Welcome To Qlik

Clicking the button will take you back to the Qlik site and you will be prompted for an email address (ideally the same one as before) and a new password. There are also T&Cs to read and accept. Once you are happy with these, tick the box and click to continue.

Set Up Your Account


There are then further terms that you need to read and then agree to before continuing.

Accept Terms

The reference to your organisation here is because a Qlik Sense Business tenant will be set up for an organisation that will then invite all of its staff members to have subscriptions within this tenant. That then allows for collaboration between these users within the one environment. If you wish to use Qlik Sense Business after this training, you can purchase subscriptions for users in the tenant you are setting up now.

On the next screen you will be asked to select a region where your Sense Business tenant will be hosted.

Accept Terms

Qlik Sense Business is hosted with Amazon, so you might recognise the region names if you have ever set up services in Amazon’s cloud. If you are loading data from Amazon you should pick the same region as you use for your data, to get maximum speed and to reduce any data charges. If you are not you will still need to ensure you pick the correct region, particularly if you are bound by any restrictions about where data is domiciled, such as GDPR regulations in the EU.


You now have the opportunity to pick what domain prefix your Qlik Sense Business URL has. This is going to be the address that you use every time that you go in to Sense, so it’s worthwhile getting something short and snappy which still identifies your business.

Specify Your URL

As the warning states, this is a one-off decision that you can’t go back in and modify. If you are planning to stick with Qlik Sense Business after the training, please make sure you choose well.

Qlik Sense Business Setup Successful

After clicking Create you should see that all is set up correctly and you can get in to Sense. Click the Start Using Qlik Sense button to do this. This will take you to your tenant URL.


When you come back to Sense on future occasions you will simply need to go to the URL you set up, it’s a good idea to bookmark this in your browser.

You will also receive another email at this point, confirming successful setup and providing the URLs that you need to access your site.

Once logged in you will be presented with the Qlik Sense Hub. From here you can create and manage applications and set up other users within your Qlik Sense Business instance.

Qlik Sense Business Hub

Take a moment to look at the various links and familiarise yourself with the information that is provided here.

Now you have your Qlik Sense Business trial up and running you have thirty days to see what you can do with it. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you get started, and many more in depth Qlik Sense Tutorials on this blog.