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Berkshire Cricket Girls U13 T20 Festival
31st of May 2017 at the Oratory School, Reading


This year sees the inaugural Berkshire T20 Festival. It is hoped this will become an annual event and see more counties competing across a two-day period. This year we have girls from Berkshire, Essex, Somerset and Buckinghamshire battling it out for the title. The under 13 age group is a pivotal time in the development of these girls’ cricketing journey, and with the best in their respective counties here, some of them will be looking to turn cricket into a career. T20 is a fast-paced and exciting form of cricket, which will be enjoyable to watch and help the girls develop their skills further.

Cricket Score Board

Quick Intelligence are proud to be sponsors for this event, and will be there hoping to see some big numbers racked up on the score board.

We like big numbers.

We help all kinds of businesses make sense of the numbers in their organisations. We do this by loading data, from just about any source, into software that allows those numbers to be visualised and understood. Qlik Sense is an interactive tool, with a modern web interface and a highly powerful engine, which allows information to be explored by the user making selections in charts and tables.

For an example of how this works, take a look at the demo below, provided by Qlik, using data from The Indian Premier League.

The grey bar is the Selection and Search bar. You should see that last season (Season 9) is selected for you. You can alter selections by clicking on them, or clear them by clicking on the cross next to a selection. The buttons to the left allow you to traverse to previous selection states, or clear them altogether – we will look at these a bit more later. The magnifying glass allows a search of all data in an application. Again, we will look at this in a short while. I will refer back to this selections bar through the walk-through.

Above is a relatively simple scatter plot. Number of runs scored is along one axis, and the strike rate up the other. The colours of the dots denote the players’ teams, and some dots are annotated. You can interact with the chart by clicking and using the wheel on your mouse, or by poking and pinching on a touch device. As you zoom in on areas further detail is displayed.

If you have selected any players while interacting with those charts, please click the cross next to the Batsman in the Selection Bar to clear this before scrolling down.

Below we see two charts: one showing the performance of batsmen last season (if you have the correct selections above), and the other bowlers. You should see that Virat Kohli tops the batting table with an impressive 969 runs in the season. All of the charts on this page are both selectable and linked. If you click on the top bar in the left-hand chart, then click the green tick, you will be making a selection on V Kohli. The bowlers chart will then flex to show just the bowlers who managed to take Virat’s wicket, a feat that no-one managed twice in the season. Click the back button on the Selections Bar to take us back to where we started – with just Season 9 selected.

On the right hand chart we can see that Bhuvneshwar Kumar was the person who took the most wickets last season. We can click on his bar, and again click the green tick. What we now see on the batsman chart is all those who faced balls from Bhuvneshwar, and the number of runs that he conceded to each of them. Scrolling up our Runs vs. Strike Rate scatter again reflects our selections, so that it now shows runs and strike rate when facing the one bowler.

Now feel free to explore the app yourself. Perhaps search for a team using the Search icon above?

T20 Player Stats

These three charts are just to give a feel for what is available in the full application. You can launch this application by clicking here.

If you can get this much information from data from a sports league then imagine the insights that could be had over your company’s data.

Sales, margins, productivity, any measure you like, can be visualised and interrogated at the speed of a click. Get in touch with Quick Intelligence and we will be happy to discuss how we can help your business, and what possibilities Qlik software can open up.

If you are at the T20 festival I will be happy to give you a more comprehensive demo of the capabilities of Qlik Sense, when there is a break between matches.

Qlik Sense Screen Grab

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    Proud Sponsors of the Berkshire Cricket Girls U13 T20 Festival

    Event Update

    The festival was a great success with Berkshire and Somerset winning the mornings matches against Essex and Buckinghamshire respectively. Somerset set an impressive target of 133 in the final, which Berkshire went out and fought hard to beat. In the end though the hosts were bowled out short of the target, leaving Somerset to claim the prize – the Andy Manning trophy.

    We were very happy to be supporting the event, and to watch some great cricket played throughout the day.

    Berkshire Girls U13 T20 Festival

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