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Compare Rolling Twelve Month Period in Qlik

Creating a line chart in Qlik showing a year on year comparison is very easy, using the Month and Year functions to create two dimensions. What if you want to show a rolling twelve month comparison though? This is not quite so obvious, but this post makes it just as easy. […]

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Loading Data from Online CSV Sources into Qlik

There are myriad different data sources out there, and it is possible to load any of them into Qlik. Some are easier than others, sure, but there is always a way. There are good articles and posts on some of the trickier sources, but today I want to show you how you can bring in CSV data from GitHub. This means you can pull up to date, crowdsourced and governed data directly into your applications, just by following these simple steps. […]

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Send Data from the Qlik Load Script

Qlik Sense allows for interactive analysis of data, but sometimes you just want to send data to users via email. This tutorial describes how you can email a table of data during the load process using Qlik Web Connectors and HTML. It also looks at some of the other things you can do with the free SMTP Connector. […]

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