Here’s the fifth and final post in our series of Top 5 blog posts, and it’s the one that we have been getting our readers votes in for – QlikView Videos. So sit back, watch and enjoy.

Our survey has been running for the month of September and it has just gone to show the amount of great video content there is out there based around the Qlik range of products. We’ve compiled all of the videos into a YouTube playlist, which you can view here.

The contributors who got the most votes (and whose channels I can certainly recommend) were Deepak Vadithala with QlikShare and Alan Farrell with Rusty Fish Bones. Well done both of you.

Voting for videos themselves were tight at the top, with a couple of tied places, but here are the…

Top Five QlikView Videos

First Sorted Value, Part 2

This video by Deepak is the one that took the crown in the survey. Being part two of a two part video tutorial it’s not surprising that part one also received a vote. This is also Deepak’s second mention in the Top 5 series as he also runs an excellent blog.

$Include and $Must_Include RFB 155

Alan Farrell is perhaps the most prolific QlikView video producer (189 videos to date), with each one being a short concise nugget of information – practically demonstrated. This one is no exception.

QlikView – Leaving The Mammoths of Yesterday Behind

This is a video that I came across and liked back when I was just getting started with QlikView. It seemed to sum up the forward thinking nature of the company and the fact it was an exciting technology to be involved with. It’s good to see I’m not the only one who appreciates it.

Creating A Master Calendar

Whilst I am not a big advocate of the master calendar if you want one this video shows you how to create it. This video has been created by Josh Good, a staffer at Qlik, who has also done a number of great Sense videos.

Qonnections – Set Analysis Discussion

This video was created by Barry Harmsen of QlikFix to promote their on-line QlikView training sessions (see this video gets the humour vote. Don’t expect to learn anything about Set Analysis from the video though.

So, there you have it. The fifth in our series of top fives celebrating the fifth birthday of Quick Intelligence. We hope you have enjoyed this series of posts as much as we have enjoyed compiling them.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in this survey. Finding the best of the Qlik video content would have been impossible without you.

Normal service will now be resumed on the Quick Intelligence blog, with some new tutorials to follow.