Something I am always keen on doing is sharing knowledge of QlikView. To this end I have made various example apps available on Qlik Community. Here are five of the ones I think are most useful.

The Top Five QlikView Example Apps

1. QlikView Data Profiler

This app contains a number of objects that I copy and paste into most of the presentation QlikView apps I create. Sometimes hidden on a developer only tab, these objects when posted into any application allow the user to see all fields in the data model and get a quick view of the contents of each field. This can be a huge time saver when profiling data from a new source.

Having generic objects that can be used in any document is achieved by using the in-built $Field and $Table fields. There is a blog post explaining how the profiler works should you wish to adapt it.

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2. Set Analysis – Prior Period Comparison

One of the more common requirements when building QlikView apps is for prior period comparisons. Set Analysis is a set of syntax that makes this kind of comparison relatively straight forward in QlikView. The squiggly brackets and chevrons can make it seem daunting at first, but once you have the hang of it building Set Analysis expressions is quite simple.

This example shows how variables can be incorporated into Set Analysis code to give a neat and tidy way of deriving Prior YTD, Prior Month and Same Month Last Year comparisons. If you have the same date fields in your data model this table can be pretty much lifted and used in your own apps.

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3. At The Qlik Of A Button

Perhaps a misleading title for this app, it shows various alternatives to the QlikView button object. It demonstrates a number of ways in which Actions attached to text boxes, images and gauges can make for a more dynamic, interesting and (most importantly) intuitive interface. These kind of techniques feature in many of the apps I create and I recommend you take a look at whether they could work for you also.

There was also a tutorial blog post and a YouTube video created to accompany this example application.

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4. Dynamic Date Dimension

Something that I always warn people against using is the built in Drill Groups in QlikView. Cycle groups I am a big fan of, users can chose exactly what dimension they want in that group. But with drill groups things will happen automatically and sometimes confusingly. The other limitation is (if we take a year / month / date drill) that you can’t see the last few months in one year alongside the first few months of the next.

This example apps shows how a calculated dimension can be used in place of the Drill Group. This allows much greater flexibility around when the drill takes place. As with other examples listed here code and objects can be copied and pasted directly into other apps.

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5. Current Selections Dynamic Display

There was (and still to some extent is) a trend that QlikView apps would have a Current Selections box shown on every tab. However, this box can take a lot of space and often gets squeezed so that it doesn’t actually perform the function it is there for very well. Recently I have seen more apps that show and hide the Current Selections box – which works okay, and the way current selections are handled in Qlik Sense is very nice.

This example shows another approach; where current selections are shown as text in a discreet text box. On clicking this text box a large functional Current Selections box appears. When the user wants to hide this they simply click again. This, I think, gives the best of both worlds.

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If you download and find useful any of these applications then please give the application a Like on Qlik Community. This helps others find these applications and helps them also. Thanks!

And there’s more…

These are the top five of many applications that we have uploaded to Qlik Community, and we fully intend to keep uploading more. All of the apps that we have uploaded are included on this Downloadable QlikView Examples page. Links to new apps will also appear here as they are uploaded.