There are many people blogging about QlikView from many points of view, from marketing messages from QlikTech to in depth technical articles.  With the Quick Intelligence blog being added to the QlikView Blog Roll recently I felt it was time to provide a run down of the other great blogs that are out there.  So, without further ado and in no particular order here are some of the best.  If yours has been omitted please accept my apologies and feel free to post a comment and a link below.

The QlikView Blog

The place where QlikTech employees can post their thoughts and insights into the product.  The best place to find where QlikView is headed as a product.  Also, since the appointment of Erica Driver as Director of Product Marketing it is a great resource for finding marketing collateral to impress prospects – with case studies and videos.  Also from QlikTech employees are the Community Manager Blog and the Technical Bulletin – all of which can be found on the QlikView site.

The QlikFix

A relative newcomer to the QlikView blog scene – but one that arrived with the fanfare of a cracking YouTube Video .  Since October last year a stream of useful hints and tips for QlikView users from beginners to experts have appeared on this blog.  It is frequently updated and well worth keeping an eye on.

QlikView Notes

The blog of a familiar face on the QlikCommunity site, Rob Wunderlich.  Rob’s posts often tackle QlikView in deep technical detail – for those who like to get their hands dirty or need to squeeze every drop of performance from the tool.  Rob has also produced two invaluable resources available from his downloads page – the QlikView Cookbook and Document Analyser.

Austrian blogger and QlikTech employee Stefan posts his thoughts to this blog.  Particularly worth looking at are the numbered QlikTips (presently up to QlikTip #32).  These are very detailed guides to some common (and not so common) QlikView tasks including plenty of screen-shots to help along the way.


This is a QlikView hints and tips blog that has been going since 2009.    Many real life examples from the front line of QlikView consultancy.  Written in an easy to read manner this is a good one to browse.

QlikView Maven

Another consultant who is able to find the time to post their experiences for all to share.  There was a marked drop in the number of QlikView related blog postings in the middle of last year – as the people with skills in the tool suddenly became very in demand (something that has not changed since).  Fortunately Tim still posts his insights – a good one to watch.


QVApps is most notable for its site where you can buy or download free tools for use with QlikView or documents that users have shared.  They also run a blog – which is the best place to find out about new offerings on the QVApps site.


The blog of the authors of QVExcel.  As you would expect a lot of the posts are about QVExcel.  If you are looking for a solution for pushing data from QlikView into Excel for further analysis or distribution it is worth a look at these posts.  They also created the QlikView Workbench so older posts relate to this product.

And there’s more…

With QlikView growing at an astounding rate there are more and more people getting on line and sharing their thoughts on it.  Here are a few other blogs to take a look at:

The efforts of these bloggers and others helps to create a vibrant on-line community and exchange of ideas between QlikView enthusiasts and professionals.  This, along with the QlikCommunity forums and LinkedIn groups, gives and excellent impression of the tool to those who may not yet have experienced it first hand – and a fantastic set of resources for those who have.

If you have a QlikView blog, or are aware of one, that I have missed then please do comment below and post a link.