Online, Instructor-Led Qlik Sense Training

Live access to a Sense expert from your home or office.

Our online Sense training course will enable you to build informative and attractive applications, guiding you right from first principles through to advanced visualisations.
The course material has been written by Steve Dark, founder of Quick Intelligence, Qlik Luminary Alumni and Qlik Community MVP. Steve also authors one of the leading Qlik blogs, so you know the course will deliver best practice and top techniques.

Screenshots from the course application
  • Next Dates: 9th / 10th July
  • Time: 9:30 BST
  • Location: Your Location
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Cost: £600 + VAT

“Good course content that covered all the bases, with straightforward instruction on how to make the most of the incredible Qlik Sense functionality.
I would thoroughly recommend this course for an ‘in depth’ familiarisation with Qlik Sense.”

Bruce Grabbe, G . F Smith and Son (London) Limited, delegate in January 2022

Course Overview

Our Qlik Sense training course takes delegates on a journey from clicking “Create New” on their first Sense app through to having a multi-page application. You won’t need any specific prior knowledge, but an understanding of numbers and data handling is an advantage. There is a strong focus on best practice, both from a development and a visualisation standpoint, so even if you already use Sense or QlikView this course can help fill gaps in your knowledge and take your skills to the next level.

The course is based around a real-world data set (vehicle testing pass rates in Torquay, UK) and we look not only at how to interrogate the data but also what kinds of questions it is possible to ask from a data source. You may find some interesting insights even on data which are not your own!

Every step of the way the course gives insights and advice which can be applied directly to whatever data you have to analyse. The material is delivered by a skilled consultant with many years of experience in delivering business solutions for clients. The online learning platform allows you to talk to them directly at any step.

Sense Application Thumbnails

“The course you provided was delivered at the right pace with a good balance of theory vs practical hands on application and has absolutely given me the stepping stone that I needed to launch myself with confidence into developing my own QlikSense Apps! Your wide breadth of expertise from different industries meant that you were able to provide advice and solutions that perhaps we wouldn’t have been offered from other sources. You provided sound good practice principles, which has actually been far more useful and important than I had even realised at first. These best practice aspects and the behind the scenes knowledge has actually been invaluable.”

Becky Edwards, delegate in February 2020

Course Content

Day 1

We look at what Qlik Sense is and how it works from a user
perspective. We look at the data we are using and quickly
get to the point of having our first interactive visualisations.
The properties and options around these charts are explored,
allowing you to customise your visualisations. Options for
theming your applications and making them more engaging are
explored. Some techniques for cleaning dirty data and deriving
new values are also looked at.

Sense Training Day One Sheet

Day 2

Further thought is given to best-practices in application design, as we explore Master Items and how visualisations, dimensions and measures can be made available for self-service analysis. Each of the chart types available in Sense is examined, looking at not only how each type can be created, but also when they should (or should not) be used. We also look at tabular presentation of data, in both straight and pivot tables.

Sense Training Day Two Sheet

For a full breakdown of what is covered on the course please watch this short video:

Or, alternatively, details of what is covered on the course are given in this PDF:

Meet Our Trainers


All of our trainers are Qlik experts with many years of experience. They can deliver both the training material, but also anecdotes and best-practice recommendations from being on site delivering complex Qlik applications.

If it can be done in Qlik, our trainers will have done it.

We have all trained various sizes of groups, from one-on-one workshops to presenting to large groups, both online and in person. We can therefore adapt our style to fit any scenario.

Trainer for 9th and 10th of July: Steve Dark

Free Course Material Sample

The course follows material created specifically for this training course by our own
Qlik expert, Steve Dark. This free-to-download sample of the course material gives
the introduction, contents and a sample of the tutorials, to give a feel for the topics
and the depth in which they will be covered. Delegates get to keep their copies of
this manual,and are encouraged to annotate it with their own discoveries from the course.

Sense Training Material

See What You Will Create

The course takes you from a blank sheet to a multi-page application using many of the chart objects and techniques that you are likely to use when building production Sense applications. This live demo shows you what you will create by following the course material.

Creating Qlik Sense Applications – Demo Application

The Online Training Platform

The best-in-class online training platform from ReadyTech allows our trainers to interact with delegates as naturally as if they were in the same room. The classroom area allows our instructor to present the content, with the ability for delegates to ask questions. The training manual for online search and additional materials can be found in the library area. The Lab is a fully configured Windows environment, set up with all you need to complete the training. The trainer can see all Lab machines as thumbnails, or view a single delegate’s machine to offer one-on-one assistance as required by remote control or direct dialogue.

This short video shows our training platform in action.

The lab machine is virtual and runs in HTML 5, so delegates use any OS and browser they choose, but will have a secure and consistent desktop on which to do the training. Unlike most online courses, we also ship a hard-copy of our 225 page training manual to all delegates.

Quick Intelligence online training really delivers the best of all worlds when it comes to learning Qlik Sense.