Most of the posts on this blog explore the features, functionality and usage of QlikView in some level of detail.  However, in this post I would like to give more of an overview of the product for the un-initiated.

An Introduction to QlikView

Rather than a long description I have decided to put together a video by way of an introduction:

Whilst the document shown in the video does not have the polish on it that you might expect from a modern business intelligence tool I hope it serves to illustrate the basic functionality of the tool.

Previous posts and other videos on this site look at how data can be loaded into QlikView and then manipulated.  There are also live demonstrations of the product on the QlikView website, most notably and topically at this time the Global Games app.

If you want to take a look at the tool for yourself; the Personal Edition is freely downloadable from this link.

I use QlikView on a daily basis and am still frequently amazed by its functionality.  I hope that this post inspires those who have not tried it for themselves yet to give it a go.