Quick Intelligence, whilst it is a general business intelligence consultancy, chooses to deliver solutions exclusively in QlikView. There are many other products out there, and we will say if we feel there is one that is a better fit for a client, but we do not feel the need to stray from the QlikView path.

So why is this? Simply put it is the ability to astound prospects and clients with insight in a fraction of the time they expect. This leads to happy customers – QlikTech used to refer to it as The Uncontrollable Smile. I remember the time that, as a SQL Server developer, I first saw QlikView and I knew immediately that I wanted to spend my time delivering solutions using it.


But the wow factor in demos and proof of concepts is not enough to prove that a product is robust and powerful enough to drive an enterprise. Gartner talks of technology projects starting with the Peak Of Inflated Expectations before diving into the Trough of Disillusionment, but their research also shows that QlikView implementations can avoid this pitfall. Expectations are set high and then delivered – or often exceeded.

This means I have had the pleasure of working on many successful implementations where the customer is delighted with the solution and the very quick return on investment.

Who would not want to work with a software product that allows them to do that for their clients?

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